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Your Property Assessment is Not Necessarily Accurate - High Real Estate Taxes
February 16th, 2014 7:48 PM

By John Dudley

Many home owners in the Amarillo, TX area think their real estate taxes have been wrongly assessed, and that they are too high. Given the subjective manner in which property assessments that determine those taxes are carried out, it is not surprising to note that so many people are quite unhappy with the amount they must pay. Since the city commissioners ratified a real estate tax increase in 2011, following a long history of increasing the property taxes it collects, property owners have seen their real estate tax bills increase as well.

Amarillo TX Home AppraiserLegality of Property Taxes

The process to fund public schools is tied intrinsically to what ends up being a state property tax. This is the very tax that is prohibited by the Constitution of the State of Texas. While virtually no one protests the need to fund schools, the property tax remains the most unpopular tax paid by residents.

Homeowners Have Options

Fortunately, homeowners have recourse when it comes to their property taxes. Properties are appraised each year between January 1st and April 30 th for tax assessment purposes the following year. After the notices of appraisals are sent out, the protest period begins, usually around May 15. In order to ensure the greatest chance of success during this limited protest period, homeowners need to do their homework.

The Assessment Process is the Problem

Part of the issue is the sometimes unfair way that properties are assessed. A higher assessed value results in a higher rate of tax. This assessment is highly suggestive, given to the incredible burden of the assessor relative to the number of properties to assess and a slew of other myriad possibilities that are not necessarily factual in nature but can have an impact on how closely the property is examined.

Professional Real Estate Assessment Offers Accurate Property Values

When appealing the assessed value of the property, homeowners must be prepared to show how the given value is off the mark. Sticking to the facts and offering an unbiased assessment of the property by a professional real estate appraiser gives the homeowner a strong foundation from which to voice their appeal and disapproval, and is usually the deciding factor in an appeal.

Knowledgeable and Fair

Professional real estate appraisers devote their lives to knowing the ever changing real estate market of the Amarillo area. The surrounding homes that are comparable in amenities, size and style provide a benchmark from which to conduct the appraisal and can serve as data to support your appeal while looking at the big picture returns a more accurate value.

Contact me for fast turnaround on an independent real estate appraisal - the main document you need for challenging your property tax assessment.


Amarillo TX Appraisal CompanyJohn B. Dudley, SRA is an SRA-designated commercial and residential appraiser, with 35 years experience. serving the Texas pandhandle, including Amarillo TX Canyon TX Hereford TX Pampa TX Dumas TX Panhandle TX Borger TX Claude TX Dalhart TX Friona TX.
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