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Whittenburg TX Real Estate Appraiser Market Focus
June 26th, 2013 8:04 PM

Whittenburg, TX is a place that does not often spring to your mind when you may be considering a move or looking for information about something new about Texas. In fact, this town – considered a ghost town by the Texas State Historical Association and located in the northern part of the Panhandle – may surprise you.

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Founded in 1926 by rancher James A. Whittenburg as a way of cashing in on the impending oil boom, Whittenburg is now better known as half of the town of Phillips, thanks to a merger between the two towns of Whittenburg and Pantex for unknown reasons. While there continues to be some homage made to Whittenburg – there is a street named after the long gone rancher - Phillips, TX is best known as a “bedroom community” for Phillips Petroleum Company employees and boasts a population of just over 1,600 residents.

As part of Hutchinson County, the former Whittenburg’s populace is predominantly white, as of a 2011 census, with approximately 93 per cent of the population of the county itself identifying as such. There is also a significant percentage of residents who identify as Hispanic, with the remainder identifying as African American or another ethnic group. The residents are fairly young, with the median age hovering around 38 years.

The unemployment rate has dropped steadily from 2010’s high of 7.2 per cent. As of the 2012 census, the unemployment rate sits at around 5.5 per cent, with the median household income sitting at around $49,000. The average wage per job has steadily increased, going up approximately $3,500 since 2010 to $50,079.

Housing also seems to retain its value fairly well, as the median home value hovers at around $65,000. The poverty level of the county as a whole sits at around 15 per cent, a solid two per cent lower than that boasted by the state as a whole.

It should be noted that while the town is relatively small in stature, there are a lot of things to do in the area. The Hutchinson County Museum, located in Borger, TX, boasts over 64 long term exhibits and a host of exhibits that travel through the area. There’s also fishing in Lake Meredith, which supplies water to 11 west Texas communities, including Borger.

Whether you’re a city person looking to escape into the quiet world of the country or someone just looking for a different change of pace, life in Whittenburg can offer it.

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