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How to Challenge Your Property Tax Assessment in 8 Texas Counties
February 7th, 2014 11:46 AM

By John Dudley

For homeowners who are unhappy with their tax bills, the first place they should look is the assessment that was completed by the county. Then, the county where the home is located determines how much tax is charged per $100 of assessed value. It is important to take action quickly upon receiving a tax bill that is higher than expected. While each county has an appeals process, there is also a deadline by which that appeal must be filed in order for it to be heard.

Potter County TX Assessment

amarillo property tax appraiser assessmentAppraisals of properties in Potter County begin on January1 and continue until April 30 after which homeowners begin receiving their tax bills. Protests can be filed beginning about May 15. Homeowners must appear before the Appraisal Review Board, usually in June.

Randall County TX Assessment

Randall County also begins to assess properties on January 1, finishing the process by April 30th. Property owners should be sure to file their protests to their tax bills by around May 15 and be ready to face the Appraisal Review Board in June.

Carson County TX Assessment

Property owners who feel their properties have been unfairly assessed need to file a written protest, either on the forms provided by the appraisal district or via letter. The Appraisals Review Board should receive this notice no later than May 31, or 30 days after the mailed notice of the appraised value of the property.

Gray County TX Assessment

Homeowners have until about June 7 or 30 days after the notice of the assessed value is delivered, whichever is the later date, in order to file a notice protesting that value.

Moore County TX Assessment

Within 30 days of when Moore County tax assessors mailed the notice of property appraisal value is the deadline for protesting this figure.

Deaf Smith County TX Assessment

May 31, or 30 days after the document that notifies the property owner of the assessed value of their property is delivered, is the last date that property owners can file notice protesting this value.

Hale County TX Assessment

For best results, property owners should file their protestations to their appraised property values by May 31, or up to 30 days after the notice of assessed value was mailed.

Hutchinson County TX Assessment

The deadline for Hutchinson County, TX is either May 31, or 30 days after notice of the values was delivered, whichever of these dates is latest. It is best, though, to get the appeal in as soon as possible.

Being prepared with information to back up their claims of too-high property values is the best way for property owners to sway the members of the Appraisal Review Board to change that figure. Hiring an independent real estate appraiser provides an unbiased, and realistic, figure from which to work. Having information from this professional enables the property owner to have valid and recent information that can only bolster their case.

Contact me for a fast response if you may need to start this process. The main document you need is an independent real estate appraisal.


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