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Appraisal Services

  • Commercial Appraisals: A commercial appraisal should have a clean, readable report, with sufficient detail, and accurate, documented evidence supporting the opinion of value. Gaut Appraisal Service provides commercial appraisals with superb experience for valuation of business property.
  • Residential Appraisals: John B. Dudley is an SRA designated appraiser, with the Appraisal Institute, a status that signifies superior experience, qualifications, and learning.
  • FHA Appraisals: For HUD and Federal Housing Authority appraisals, you can't do better than Gaut Appraisal Service.
  • Mortgage Appraisals: We can do HVCC compliant appraisals by receiving orders through the Mercury Network, which meets requirements by formally separating you from the appraisal firm.
  • Tax Appraisals: Tax appraisals require special expertise. Rely on Gaut Appraisal Service for 35 years of experience.
  • Estate Appraisals: Accountants, CPAs, and attorneys rely on Gaut Appraisal Service for  Estate   related appraisals.
  • Divorce Appraisals: Attorneys require excellent documentation and attention to detail that will stand up in court, when challenged. For Divorce appraisals and other litigation appraisals, rely on Gaut Appraisal Service.
  • PMI Removal Appraisals: To remove Private Mortgage Insurance, you'll need an appraisal. Gaut Appraisal Service has extensive experience in Amarillo TX and throughout the Texas Panhandle.
  • Estimate of Value: An estimate of value does not always require a full appraisal. Sometimes a much shorter report is all you need. Contact Gaut Appraisal Service to inquire.
  • Insurable value:  This is the estimated value of your property based on what it would cost to replace it for insurance purposes only.  This estimated value may or may not represent fair market value.  Contact Gaut Appraisal Service to inquire.
  • Eminent Domain: This is process of a condemning authority wanting to acquire property for pubic use. Eminent domain can come into play with street widening; utility easements; right-of-way; etc. Determining the estimate of value of the property as well as any damages to the property by the condemning authority can be determined with a qualified real estate appraiser.


SRA Senior Residential Appraiser, State General Certified in Texas, FHA Approved 


National Association of Realtors, Amarillo Board of Realtors, RAC (Relocation Appraisers and Consultants, Texas Real Estate Broker


Graduated from New Mexico Military Institute. Graduated from University of Oklahoma- BS 1973. Senior Residential Appraiser Designation- 1979.

Commercial Appraisal
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